Refinance Loans

Should you refinance to a lower rate?  Well it simply depends on how much you will save versus how much it will cost.  There are no cost options available as well (with the exception of the appraisal cost paid to the appraiser).  How do you find out if it makes sense?  Simple -- Grab your current mortgage statement and give us a call.  We can do the calculations and let you know in just a few minutes if it makes sense for you.

Purchase Loans

Getting pre-approved and exploring your purchase loan options is the first step to house hunting.  We first ask you how much you want to pay a month and from there we work with you in coming up with the purchase price range that works for you.  Then we get you pre-approved and provide you with all of the details you need to know about a new home loan.  From impounds to closing costs to time frames we make sure you know what you need to know.


Cash-out for Home Improvements?

Sometimes finding the perfect home simply means upgrading your current home.  We can easily let you know how much you can borrow and how it will effect your payments.  That room addition or top to bottom remodel may be better for you than moving.

Debt Consolidation

Unexpected expenses come up in life.  And sometimes the bills can pile up.  If you're fighting a mountain of debt then a debt consolidation refinance may be what you need.  They are not for everyone.  But if you can save hundreds of dollars a month, that may be the way to not only find relief, but also the tool you need to go on the offense against your debt.

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